Evil Hat Productions' ATOMIC ROBO RPG Available for Preorder!

We received this notice from our friends at Evil Hat Productions:

Action Science Alert!

Our Action Scientists have been working around the clock to determine the optimal time for theAtomic Robo RPG preorder, and they’ve informed us that the time is NOW! That’s right, you can reserve your copy of the ARRPG before Dr. Dinosaur snaps them all up and locks them away in a super-secret storage facility. If you order from our webstore, you’ll get a free PDF with every physical copy. But we love our Friendly Local Gaming Stores too, so if you’d like to get your copy there, please remind them that they can offer our PDF guarantee too through our buddies at Bits and Mortar! Check out the instructions here.

Get ready for some punching! Robots! Science! And yes, more punching!

This should be a blast!