Misadventure Turns Magic in CREATURE ACADEMY

After his mother is kidnapped by specters, teen Wes Mendes is plunged into an underground city where human and magic worlds collide in CREATURE ACADEMY, an all-new all-ages graphic novel debuting today from Red 5 Comics.

CREATURE ACADEMY was created by Kevin Konrad Hanna, an artist and storyteller with credits in film animation, comic books, video games and television. He's known for the award-winning graphic novel, The Clockwork Girl and the webcomic, Frogchildren, as well as directing the feature film version of The Clockwork Girl. 

"The story honors, yet subverts the tropes we expect in coming-of-age fantasy and superhero stories," said Hanna. "Wes, the young hero, is no 'Chosen One', and the mentors he finds may not be wise or good at all."

Joining Hanna on the creative team are Dave Fagan, Erich Owen (Logan’s Run, I, Robot) and Grant Bond (Clockwork Girl, Tron, Igor).

CREATURE ACADEMY is a full 110-page graphic novel story arc and is debuting exclusively today on digital platforms Comixology and iVerse comicsplus for an introductory price of just $5.99.

Red 5 Comics has been a pioneer in digital-first titles dating back to 2011's BONNIE LASS.