Premiere Issue of THE AVERAGE JOES Full Color Comic Book, Featuring Colt Ford and Friends, Coming July 1, 2014

Legions of fans already know them as musical heroes who entertain huge crowds every night. Now, fans get to see them as they really are in “The Average Joes,” a full-color 64-page comic book featuring Colt Ford and Friends as superheroes selflessly saving the world and fighting crime in the name of justice.

The premiere issue of “The Average Joes,” will be sold online, at limited retail outlets nationwide and at available at live concerts. An exclusive deluxe package available only at Wal-Mart will include both Colt Ford’s new album, “Thanks for Listening,” as well as the comic book.

Brought to life in volume one are label artists Colt Ford, The LACS, Lenny Cooper and Sarah Ross, each touting a distinct superpower poised and ready to maintain the peace at a moment's notice.

The comic book series is the brainchild of Average Joes CEO/President, Shannon Houchins. “The concept for the comic book was developed as a marketing tool to provide artist content for all of our demographics,” explained Houchins. “Our artists’ fan bases range from very young children to adults.” Conceptualized by Houchins, “The Average Joes” was published and illustrated by critically acclaimed independent comic book company, 12-Gauge Comics.

Collaborating on the project for 12-Gauge Comics were writer Doug Wagner, Artist Daniel Hillyard and Colorist Charlie Kirchoff. An impressive list of credits for the creative team include writer Doug Wagner’s work on such titles as Batman: Arkham Origins, Legends of the Dark Knight, ThunderCats, and the World of Warcraft: Bloodsworn graphic novel for DC Comics; Witchblade/Red Sonja for Dynamite Entertainment; and The Ride, 25 To Life, and I.C.E. for 12-Gauge Comics; Artist Daniel Hillyard credits include ANTI, a comic series from Gale Anne Hurd, producer of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD, and SHERWOOD, TEXAS, the new series reimaging the legend of Robin Hood; and COLORIST Charlie Kirchoff whose first job was coloring segments of Humanoids Publishing’s “Metal Hurlant,” and went on to work for several publishers including Dark Horse, IDW, Image, 12 Gauge and others.