Sneak Peeks: IDW Publishing May 7, 2014

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks for comics from IDW that will come out May 7...

The Illegitimates #5 
Taran Killam & Marc Andreyko (w) 
Kevin Sharpe (a & c)

The battle heats up as the Illegitimates face off with Dannikor's forces on two fronts—including outer space?! And, in the midst of battle, a TRAITOR is revealed and, trust us, your jaw will hit the floor!! Action, betrayal, death, and space battles as we careen towards the climax of the first, explosive arc!!

Amelia Cole and the Hidden War
Adam P. Knave, D.J. Kirkbride (w) 
Nick Brokenshire (a & c)

Magic do-gooder (or troublemaker, depending on who you ask) Amelia Cole is back, and this time, she’s The Protector! What is The Hidden War? Who is Omega Company? And is the Protector cloak as itchy as it looks? The mysterious “Unknown World” becomes increasingly dangerous as Adam P. Knave and D.J. Kirkbride write, and Nick Brokenshire illustrates on Amelia Cole and the Hidden War from IDW Publishing and Monkeybrain Comics!

Black Dynamite #2
Brian Ash, Yassir Lester (w) 
Marcelo Ferreira & Sal Buscema (a) 
Eric Battle (c)

FROM BAD TO SUPER BAD. Exiled from the Community and on his own—can the most not-to-be-trifled-with man of international ass-kicking survive Guantanamo Bay? You can bet your sweet ass he can! And if The Man is going to force him back into the game then it's time for BLACK DYNAMITE to show them how its played.

The Crow: Pestilence #3
Frank Bill (w) 
Drew Moss (a) 
James O’Barr (c)

As Salvador, led by The Crow, exacts his vengeance, the gang starts to push back…and Santa Muerte appears.

G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero, Vol. 9
Larry Hama (w) 
S L Gallant (a & c)

As the turmoil in Sierra Gordo deepens, G.I. JOE begins to unravel the true nature of the situation and COBRA's connection to it all, but the JOE team is spread thin leaving themselves exposed to an attack.

Jinnrise #10
(W) David Liss (A) Andrew Huerta (CA) Elizabeth Torque
In an effort to the defeat the alien Kibrani, Andrew and his ragtag team complete their quest to assemble an army of Jinn (Genies)!  While legions of jinn prepare to face the full onslaught of the alien hoard, the key to victory may rest with the decision of a 10-year-old farm boy.

The Maxx: Maxximized #7
Sam Kieth, William Messner-Loebs (w) 
Kieth (a & c)

Guest starring Dale Keown's THE PITT! While a doctor discovers a secret about an old Maxx acquaintance, Maxx and Julie take a trip to the Outback together where they discover, among other things—The Pitt! And while Maxx and Pitt defend themselves in the outback, they shift into miniature versions of themselves in Julie's apartment, fighting off a GIANT ISZ… who threatens to devour them!

My Little Pony, Vol. 4
Heather Nuhfer (w)
Brenda Hickey, Amy Mebberson (a) 
Brenda Hickey (c)

The ponies hit the high seas! A trip to Horseshoe Bay takes a turn for the dramatic when the gang is captured by Hoofbeard the Pirate! Plus, when a magical bookworm starts to cause some literary mischief, it’s only a matter of time before things start to get out of hoof!

The Other Dead HC
Joshua Ortega, Digger T. Mesch (w) 
Qing Ping Mui (a) 
Reynir Hauksson (c)

The world’s first Zombie Animal epic is here! A deadly hurricane threatens New Orleans just as a frightening and mysterious outbreak hits the animal kingdom! Join all-star creators Joshua Ortega (Gears of War), Digger T. Mesch (Agent 88), and Kevin Eastman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) for the year's most critically acclaimed, talked-about new horror series! With art by rising star Qing Ping Mui!

Powerpuff Girls #9
Troy Little (w & a & c)

The City of Townsville is under a NEW threat! Boy Band fever has struck the Powerpuff Girls, as the heartthrob crooners “3D” are playing a concert in the park! It looks like a magical night to remember, until the Rowdyruff Boys and the Boogieman crash the show! It’s an all out super powered battle of the bands for control of the airwaves! Which team will come out on top of this musical mash-up mayhem?

Rocky & Bullwinkle #3 (of 4)
Mark Evanier (w) 
Roger Langridge (a & c)

In “First Moose on the Moon,” The Pottsylvania Space Program, which was started in 1961, has finally managed to launch their first rocket…with Boris and Natasha inside! What are they building on the moon?! And Dudley’s up against Snidley’s new scheme: The Snidely Shopping Network, a TV channel that sells worthless junk. Why can’t Dudley turn it off?

Sinister Dexter #6 (of 7)
Dan Abnett (w) 
Andy Clarke (a) 
Antonio Fuso (c)

There’s a new Gun Shark in Downlode but is he competition for Sinister and Dexter, a possible compatriot, or just another in a long line of souls for Death to shepherd across the River Styx? Plus, a glimpse into the life of a bullet.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: New Animated Adventures, Vol. 2
Kenny Byerly, Cullen Bunn, Brian Smith (w) 
Adam Archer, Dario Brizuela, Chad Thomas (a) 
Felipe Smith (c)

Spinning straight out of the hit Nickelodeon show, Volume 2 collects four more fantastic tales. The Turtles battle Fishface, the Shellraiser goes haywire, Dogpound ruins a movie night for everyone, and Monkey Brains squares off against Rat King!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color Classics Vol. 2 #7
Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird & Steve Lavigne (w) 
Jim Lawson, Laird (a) 
Eastman, Laird, Lavigne (c)

A Mirage black-and-white classic presented in all-new full color! “Return to New York, Book Three” -- it's a battle royale between the TMNT, the Foot Elite Guard, and the deadly Shredder clones! Not everyone will survive this bloody brawl!  Who will? Find it all here -- and more! -- in this grand finale to a classic TMNT tale!

Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 4
Jim Lawson, Steve Murphy, Dean Clarrain, Eric Talbot, Dan Berger, Peter Laird (w)
Jim Lawson, Chris Allan, Dan Berger (a)
Jim Lawson (c)

This volume collects the stories “Blind Faith,” “Scars,” “Darkness Weaves,” and “Virus” as well as back-up stories and pinups by classic Turtles writers and artists Jim Lawson, Dean Clarrain, Chris Allan, Eric Talbot, Steve Murphy, Dan Berger, and Peter Laird.