AC Comics Solicitations For October 2014

The Fellowship has obtained the solicitations for AC Comics that will come out October 2014...

Crypt Of Horror Volume 23
Writers: France Herron, Joe Millard, Jack Oleck, and others uncredited.
Artists: Mort Lawrence, Bob Powell, Vince Alascia, Everett Raymond Kintsler, Steve Ditko, Sheldon Moldoff, Robert McCarty, Art Gates, Ed Moline, Edvard Moritz, and others.
Cover Artist: Basil Wolverton
Standard comic book size, 140 pages, Black and White (with color covers) $29.95

By popular demand, another "offbeat horror" special, full of more RARE reprints from Fawcett, St. John, Superior, Avon, Ajax and other forgotten publishers from the 1950's, featuring stories like "Death By Invitation", "Demons Of The Deep", "The Thirteenth Clown", " Haunting White Shadow", " Death's Round Trip" and 13 others; 140 pages of Pre-Code horror!!