Priest & Bright Return with Q2: The RETURN OF QUANTUM AND WOODY and THE COMPLETE QUANTUM AND WOODY CLASSIC OMNIBUS – Coming in October from Valiant!

Valiant is proud to announce the release of Q2: THE RETURN OF QUANTUM AND WOODY #1 (of 5) on October 15th – the FIRST ISSUE of an all-new new mini-series reuniting legendary creators Christopher Priest (Black Panther, Deadpool) and M.D. Bright (Green Lantern, Iron Man) with the world's worst superhero team!

Set in the original series continuity, 20 years on from Quantum and Woody's last adventure, Q2 marks the beginning of an all-new chapter for one of the most acclaimed series and creative teams of the last two decades.

"As a longtime Quantum and Woody fan, this project is a dream come true, as is diving into the material and working with these amazingly talented creators," said series editor Alejandro Arbona. "Getting in all-new scripts and all-new art of the new adventures of Eric Henderson and Woody Van Chelton is surreal. Quantum and Woody are back!"

Whatever happened to the world’s worst superhero team? Twenty years past their prime, the unlikely crime-fighting duo known as Quantum and Woody (not a couple) have long since parted ways…until a middle-aged Quantum suddenly reappears with a brand-new teenage partner. Now Woody is out to break up the all-new, all-different Quantum and Woody and put an end to Quantum’s recklessness…just as Quantum takes on a life-or-death personal mission for national security. Can these former friends set aside their differences…and their age…and their numerous health difficulties…to join forces one last time without driving each other crazy?

Find out when the world's worst superhero team strikes back on October 15th in Q2: THE RETURN OF QUANTUM AND WOODY #1 (of 5)!