T Pub LIVE on the Comics Plus App for Libraries

Just in time for the American Library Association's summer convention, T Pub Ltd. announced that their books will be live in the Comics Plus app for librarians June 25th. This will include their young adults’ title, Twisted Dark Volume 1, and their brand new all ages book, The World of Chub Chub.

Librarians attending ALA should email will@neilgibsoncomics.com to receive a free digital copy of T Pub’s back-catalogue before the show, or stop by booth #1950 to get access. In addition, T Pub spokesperson Nieros Oyegun will be delivering a presentation at the graphic novel stage on Sunday June 29th at 9 am on ‘How Comics Can Increase Library Readership’.

Can't make it to the show? Peek into The World of Chub Chub by reading one of the short stories from the book entitled Hidden Scribbles at http://joom.ag/jFCb or download the app at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/comics-plus/id323397665?mt=8.

“Comics Plus has both a unique understanding of comics as a medium as well as a special insight into how the library market works. The fact that they give librarians a chance to see books before they purchase titles made Comics Plus a fantastic way to enter the library market” explains T Pub Ltd. CEO Neil Gibson.