AC Comics Solicitations For November 2014

The Fellowship has obtained the solicitations for AC Comics that will come out November 2014...

Femforce #169
Writers: Bill Black, Mark G. Heike, Stephanie Heike, Mark Holmes, and Rock Baker
Artists: Rock Baker, Riccardo Dessini, Jeff Austin, Scott Shriver, Toni Doya and Mark Dail
Cover Artists: Will Meugniot Standard cover; Paolo Bodini Alternate cover
Standard comic book size, 840 pages, Black and White (with color covers) $9.95

As the FF clear the LA streets of CIANOSE DJAB's zombie hordes, vampire queen WAMPYR decides she must act before our heroines can uncover her plan for world domination. Plus- solo stories starring SYNN, TARA back in her college days, and SHE-CAT encountering a pair of faces from the past.

Special Notes: Ships with TWO covers in an approximate 4-to-1 ratio, 4 with the Will Meugniot Wampyr-Vampire Queen cover (cover A) and 1 with the She-Cat and Nightveil painted design by Paolo Bodini (cover B).