Kaijudo: New Master Challenge Season Underway

This weekend, the new Kaijudo Master Challenge season begins! Kicking off at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles, the Kaijudo Master Challenge fall season will run through Sunday, September 14 at participating retail locations across the US and Canada. Part of the Wizards of the Coast Organized Play program, the Master Challenge events are a great opportunity for players to get together and play the Kaijudo trading card game in-person. Players that claim victory at one of the events could earn an invitation (including airfare!) to the Winter Kaijudo Championship in October.

In addition to the Master Challenge events, the robust Kaijudo Organized Play program also includes:
Kaijudo Duel Day
  • Weekly in-store tournaments offer the opportunity to earn exclusive promo cards through standard constructed or booster draft formats.
Set Premieres
  • Held the weekend following the retail launch of a new product release, Set Premieres offer a first-look and an opportunity to earn exclusive promo cards.
Kaijudo Master Challenge
  • Events for players to prove their skill and duel with others. Kaijudo Championship
  • National tournaments held twice a year where winners from the Master Challenge events around the country go head-to-head for the Championship trophy.
Check out the Wizards Play Network store locator to find a hobby store near you.