BRAINSTORM #1 Hits Stores This Week

FutureDude Entertainment announced today that their first comic book in their product line will be hitting stores August 27th. Brainstorm raises the ever intriguing question..can we control weather or does it control us? The series is written and created by Jeffrey Morris and Ira Livingston IV and features art by Dennis Calero (X-men Noir). The title can be found in comic book stores or on Comixology at FutureDude’s next title Parallel Man—featuring a multiverse adventure—is hitting stores October 8th.

Founder and visionary Jeffrey Morris explains “Comics are best known for escapism, but we believe that people are hungry for something more. Engaging minds, does NOT mean you can’t tell fun, epic stories with groundbreaking characters and we are hear to prove it!"

What other are saying about Brainstorm #1:
“Like I said, it takes a lot to get me involved with a comic series, but Brainstorm has definitely hit home. It has everything: an incredibly topical story that is only going to get better, artwork that pulls you into the story, and characters that you can identify with and root for.”-

“This is one exciting thrill ride that will lift you up and not let you go.”

"The future of science based thrillers is here people get in at the beginning!"