SQP Art Book Has Two NEW Art Collections And A Rockin' New Website!

Since its inception way back in 1973, mail order has been the backbone of SQP publishing. Long before the advent of direct-sales comic book stores, or the acceptance of fantasy art in the mass market, let alone the wonders or even "the interwebs", SQP Art Books has been selling its unique blend of naughty and VERY nice selection of illustrated delights directly to their customers. Even now, If you still enjoy that "ol-timey" feeling of paging through an ACTUAL full color catalog showcasing over 130 titles, they'll send you one for FREE (check website for details).
The company has just launched its new, cool hip and groovy website, streamlined for ease of use and yet jam-packed with brilliant (albeit semi-nude) images, featuring the best in fantasy, erotic, and pin-up illustration from around the world! There you can digitally dig around the entire SQP catalog of wonders, plus virtually wander through a massive gallery of original art (and actually purchase something that catches your eye!)

Sensual and luxuriant, the paintings of the artist Pinturero (Pintu to his many fans) are a joy to experience. His women are magnificently detailed and filled with both style and seduction. Pin-up pretties, modern-day punk fairies, and wild warrior maidens in equal portions!
48 pages in full color. $14.95
ISBN 978-0-86562-241-8

NEW AMAZONS - The Paintings of Claudio Aboy
When it comes to the subject of statuesque females that inspire equal portions of awe and lust, Claudio Aboy is pretty much your go-to guy! His brand of bad-ass beauty has his fans coming back time and again for his masterful blend of blade and babe. Here are dangerous curves you'll happily embrace, as Aboy presents a full-color gallery of incredible amazons for your enjoyment!
48 pages in full color. $14.95
ISBN 978-0-86562-242-5

PLEASE NOTE: We're using the "Safe-For-Work" cover art versions for this press release. For the ACTUAL cover images, please check out the website.

These are the latest in a WIDE SPECTRUM of fantasy, erotic, and pin-up artwork that's celebrated and published by SQP Art Books. For a full dive into a pool of endless delights, check out their website - Since 1973, showcasing the very best in fantasy illustration from around the world.