AC Comics Solicitations for February 2015

The Fellowship has obtained the solicitations for AC Comics that will come out February 2015...

Femforce #170
Writers: Bill Black, Mark G. Heike, Stephanie Heike, Mark Holmes and John Crowther
Artists: Rock Baker, Dell Barras, Riccardo Dessini,  Dan Gorman,  Paolo Bodini, Jeff Austin, Scott Shriver and Mark Dail
Cover Artist: Will Meugniot (front cover), Dell Barras (back flip-cover)
Standard comic book size, 80 pages, Black and White (with color cover) $9.95

The showdown with the villainess WAMPYR- and the ending you NEVER thought you'd see! Also- STORMY TEMPEST returns! TARA relives college days, STARDUST on Rur, and NIGHTVEIL  fights on Dhagor!!  Special FLIP-BOOK feature- a NEW kind of superheroine- ROCHELLE the TEEN COCKROACH!! By John Crowther, with art by DELL BARRAS!!! 

Golden Age Greats Spotlight Volume 16
Writers: Otto Binder, Phil Sturm, Carl Formes, France Herron, C.C. Beck, Marc Swayze and other uncredited.
Artists: Mac Raboy, Kurt Schaffenberger, C. C. Beck, Harry Fiske, Carl Pfeufer, Jack Binder, Alex Blum, Emil Gershwin, Bud Thompson and Joe Certa.
Cover Artist: Unknown
Standard comic book size, 140 pages, Black and White (with color cover) $29.95

Turning on the Fawcett!! ALL the great features from the legendary publisher of the 1940's, including the ultra-rare MASTERMAN, DEVIL's DAGGER and DAN DARE; MINUTE MAN,  SPY SMASHER, Mr. SCARLET, COMMANDO YANK,  IBIS,  Dr. VOODOO and other stars in quality full-story reprints! Art by Raboy, Schaffenberger, Beck, Binder, Pfeufer and more!!!