The Fellowship has obtained a first look at THE RAGE VOL. 1: ZOMBIE GENERATION from Titan Comics. The collection, which hits stores October 8th, is written by Pierre Boisserie with art and cover by Malo Kerfriden.

A new pandemic virus, a mutated form of rabies, spreads throughout the world. It affects only children, turning them into mindless, violent killers, hungry for blood. Now humanity faces an impossible choice: kill every child – or face extinction…

The government tries to save those infected by keeping them locked away until a treatment becomes possible. The government men find protecting the children more and more difficult, however, for large militia groups now roam the land – with a single-minded purpose: to kill all the infected, and cleanse the world of the virus.

Meet Amina; a young mother from Paris battling to save her young son – but she finds not only their lives hanging in the balance, but her humanity, and that of everyone around her, too.