Moonstone Books Solicitations for February 2015

The Fellowship has obtained the solicitations for Moonstone that will come out February 2015...

Author: Adam Lance Garcia
Cover: Mike Fyles
280pgs, sc, 6” x 9”, $12.99
ISBN: 978-1-936814-89-3(1299)

The stars have aligned and the sunken city is rising. Kendell Foster Crossen’s the Green Lama returns in this fully authorized novel by Adam Lance Garcia. Racing across the world to rescue his beloved Jean Farrell, the Green Lama faces off against Nazis and demons from the deep, only to discover the terrifying truth behind his powers and his connection to the ancient evil known as Cthulhu. A unique blend of horror and adventure, the GREEN LAMA: UNBOUND is a tour-de-force that redefines the classic hero and sets the stage for an astonishing new chapter in the Green Lama Legacy.