Sneak Peeks: Bluewater Productions October 15, 2014

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks for comics from Bluewater that will come out this week. Print copies are available at Comic Flea Market.

The Odyssey Presents: Muse #1
Writer: Paul Storrie
Artist:  J. Bruce Bogle

Morgan Wulf has been given a second chance at a 17-year-old girl! With the awesome powers of The Muse, she can fearlessly face off against Greek goddesses & mythological monsters. But as Morgan, she must confront the most frightening challenge of all: HIGH SCHOOL!

Black Cat Classics #1
Writer: Bob Haney
Artist: Joe Kubert & Al Gabriele

The classic comic series from the 1940’s, the Black Cat! The Black Cat was one of the earliest female costumed crime-fighters in the comics, debuting in 1941 in POCKET COMICS. Linda Turner was a Hollywood starlet and former stunt-woman in the early 1940's when she battled her director who she suspected of being a Nazi spy. Donning the outfit of a black cat to take advantage of her opponent’s superstitions, she defeated his spy ring and enjoyed herself doing it so much she decided to continue her alternate career as a costumed super heroine - the Black Cat.

Judo Girl Omnibus
Writer: Chad Rebmann, Terrence Griep & Johnny Lowe
Artist: Mark Brooks, Nadir Balan, Alex Julian, Gregg Paulsen, Jay Odjick

Over 500 pages of groovy fun from the sold out series! After 40 years in suspended animation, Judo Girl is on a quest to find her missing brother. And her old enemy, Captain Steel, hasn't exactly spent the last four decades collecting rust either!  All issues, mini-series, one-shots including the crossovers with Legend of Isis and 10th Muse are included in this special edition.

Tom Corbett: Space Cadet Classics #3
Writer: Paul S. Newman
Artist: Frank Thorne

From July 1954, "Asteroid Treasure Hunt":  A young orphan, Jimmy, is looking for uranium with Dr. Gulliber, only the Dr. is using the boy as a front for claim jumping.

Vincent Price: Gallery #4
Writer: Robert Aragon, LJ Dopp
Artist: Robert Aragon, LJ Dopp

This special one shot featuring images of classic gothic horror icon Vincent Price. This book will include a cover by Vincent Price Presents by famed artist Robert Aragon as well as new images from the classic movies Price made famous. Vincent Price Presents has been featured in Fangoria, & AMC.