Sneak Peeks: Bluewater Productions November 5, 2014

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks for comics from Bluewater that will come out this week. Print copies are available at Comic Flea Market.

Jason and the Argonauts: Final Chorus #2
Writer: Leon McKenzie
Artist: Josh Greathouse

Jason and the Argonauts find themselves victims at sea as a former crewman returns with murderous slaughter on his mind.

Anne of Green Gables #4
Writer: CW Cooke
Artist: Giancarlo Malagutti

When Matthew Cuthbert goes to the train station to pick up the orphan he and his sister Marilla plan to adopt, he expects to meet a boy who can help on the family farm. Instead it's Anne - a talkative, dreamy, red-haired, freckle-faced 11-year-old little girl who transforms the Cuthberts' life forever and fills it with love and joy.

Tom Corbett: Space Cadet Classics #5
Writer: Paul S. Newman
Artist: John Lehti

From January 1953, "Lost Race of Assorians": Prof Thornton lost on Mars. Cadets and Martian Picpup search and find the Prof, a lost city and the outlaws of Bor Borito.

Victoria’s Secret Service Omnibus
Writer: Terrance Griep
Artist: Nadir Balan

They say it takes a thief to catch a thief, and the glamorous field agents of VSS put this to the test when they allow their newest member, the American sneak-thief Scarlet, to take point on her first mission. Hoping to derail an imminent coronation, an unknown scoundrel has stolen the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London. It's up to Lark, Raven, Brooke, and Scarlet to steal back these vibrant symbols of the monarchy they have been paid to protect. This special edition also contains the 1st apperance of VSS in 10th Muse as well as the crossover with Gearz! Over 200 pages!