Sneak Peeks: Bluewater Productions November 12, 2014

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks for comics from (publisher) that will come out this week. Print copies are available at Comic Flea Market.

The Odyssey Presents: Muse #2
Writer: Paul Storrie
Artist:  J. Bruce Bogle

Morgan's learning that there are some definite upsides to being a teen-aged super-type -- like riding the original winged horse, PEGASUS! Unfortunately, the downsides include stuff like a mundane museum field trip turning deadly when the savage she-spider ARACHNE comes to call! Guest-starring THE ODYSSEY's super-strong SIGMA!

Charlie McCarthy’s Comic Classic #2
Writer: Harvey Eisenberg
Artist: Harvey Eisenberg

Charlie McCarthy was one of the most popular enteratinment acts of the 1950's.  Charlie's adventures are brought to life in his every own comic book series. Two stories in one!  Charlie and Mortimer track down two criminals that have escaped from jail and Charlie makes a baby alligator his pet. Charlie McCarthy and Gladstone the Alligator Cast of Characters.

Political Power: Stephen Colbert
Writer: Hal Hiden
Artist: Kelly Brine

Political satirist and pundit, writer and producer, actor and comedian, critic and pitchman, host of The Colbert Report and soon The Tonight Show, family man and.....idiot?!?! Bluewater Productions continues their Political Power line of comic books by touching on the life and times of Stephen Colbert, and like the man, mixing fact and fiction, and adding a dose of truthiness.

Tom Corbett: Space Cadet Classics #6
Writer: Paul S. Newman
Artist: John Lehti

From April 1953, "The Smugglers of the Moon" : Pirates using the moon as a hideout,capture the cadets. The cadets find a world within the Moon with people only 4 1/2 ft tall.