Sneak Peeks: BOOM! Studios December 24, 2014

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks for comics from BOOM! that will come out this week...

Butterfly #4 (of 4)
Author: Marguerite Bennett
Artist: Stefano Simeone

Final issue! No matter the mission, the life of a Project Delta operative is one of isolation, and once again Butterfly finds herself on her own and desperate. She’ll need to rely on every skill she’s acquired to ensure her father’s family does not become a casualty of the global conspiracy she brought down on them.

Adventure Time #35
Author: Ryan North
Artists: Shelli Paroline & Braden Lamb

It’s the end of an era…the last Adventure Time issue featuring the Eisner Award-winning team of Ryan North, Shelli Paroline, and Braden Lamb. It’s your chance to say goodbye, and experience an adventure you’ll never forget.

The Amazing World of Gumball #6
Author: Frank Gibson
Artist: Tyson Hesse

Gumball has learned that it’s the suit that makes the man, and the bigger the shoulder pads, the better!

Big Trouble in Little China #7
Author: Eric Powell
Artist: Brian Churilla

The Seven-Faced Widow has been humiliated by Jack Burton but now she has a plan for vengeance! But now it’s Egg and Miao Yin who are in the cross hairs! Jack and Wang have their own strange hell to deal with—The Lords of Death are back!

Capture Creatures #2
Authors: Frank Gibson & Becky Dreistadt
Artist: Becky Dreistadt

When 151 critters appear on earth all with a variety of weird, wild powers, it’s up to two teenagers to figure out where they came from and how to save them from an world that doesn’t understand them…all the while having a ton of fun in the process! It’s the second issue in Becky & Frank’s highly anticipated original series!

Clive Barker’s Nightbreed #8
Author: Marc Andreyko
Artists: Piotr Kowalski, Emmanuel Xerx Javier

As the stories of the Breed come to an end, Boone must face his past and embrace his demons. The man he was must be lost so that Cabal can rise! Alongside his journey, the story of Otis and Clay will bring the worst of enemies together as one.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes #2 (of 6)
Author: Michael Moreci
Artist: Dan McDaid

After their Rise. Before the Dawn. The end for man is only the beginning for ape. At Koba’s request, Caesar sends a search party into the wild. The time to create sanctuary for all apes is upon them. On the other side of the Americas, Malcolm refuses to let Rita, his wife, die alone. Willing to risk the infection, his family must venture through the harsh and dying cities to find some chance for a cure.

The Deceivers TP
Author: Steven Grant
Artist: Jose Holder

Lincoln McCord and Prince Adony Zaruka are two American con men living abroad in Europe, posing as an oil magnate and the descendant of long-lost royalty so they can enjoy the high life by leeching off the European elite. But when an international thief begins wreaking havoc on their marks, the deceivers are enlisted by a rogue CIA agent to help entrap the target. Collects the complete miniseries.

Evil Empire #9
Author: Max Bemis
Artist: Victor Santos

How exactly would an Evil Empire effect pop culture? This one-shot issue of Evil Empire follows the path of a mega celebrity and gives us a glimpse into what sort of counter-culture a society so lost could create. Illustrated by special guest artist Victor Santos (Black Market).

Memetic #3 (of 3)
Author: James Tynion IV
Artist: Eryk Donovan

Final issue! Day Three is finally upon us. As Marcus’ dwindling team makes its final last-ditch assault on the compound of the supposed creator of the meme, Aaron comes to grips with his shocking loss and the impending apocalypse.

Sleepy Hollow #3 (of 4)
Author: Marguerite Bennett
Artist: Jorge Coelho

Hidden for a century, a terrible evil is awakened when movers unwittingly unearth a huge grandfather clock bound in chains. Drenched in magic, riddles, and mystery, the clock itself has gone mad. Abbie, Ichabod, and their companions must outwit its riddles and madness to free themselves—or be consumed. With a backup story by Noelle Stevenson (Lumberjanes).