AC Comics Solicitations For May 2015

The Fellowship has obtained the solicitations for AC Comics that will come out May 2015...

Writers: Mark G. Heike, Stephanie Heike, Eric Johnson ,Chad Halcom and Mark Holmes.
Artists: Dell Barras, Rock Baker, Francesco Savi, Dan Gorman, John Sowder, Jeff Austin, Scott Shriver and Mark Dail.

Cover Artist: Mark Heike and Stephanie Heike (standard cover A); and Eric Theriault, Mark Heike and Stephanie Heike (variant cover B)
Standard comic book size, 80 pages, Black and White (with color cover) $9.95

The FEMFORCE battle Ms. VICTORY herself in "Evil At Center Stage!" SHE-CAT's personal life is complicated by Mike (SCARLET SCORPION) McCluskey written by Stephanie Heike, while TARA FREMONT runs afoul of a disgruntled gold-digger in "Trophy Wife". Plus- NIGHTVEIL on Dark Dhagor; The BLUE BULLETEER and more!! Ships with TWO covers in an approximate 4-to-1 ratio, 4 with the Mark & Stephanie Heike "Ms. V slugs Synn" cover (cover A) and 1 with the Eric Theriault/ Mark & Stephanie Heike "Tara and Ms. V in the jungle" (cover B).