Sneak Peeks: Action Lab Entertainment February 25, 2015

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks for comics from Action Lab that will come out this week...

Writer: David Pinckney
Artist: Soo Lee
Cover: Soo Lee

ROUND 4! Amarosa has made it through three trials that have all tested her in ways she couldn’t imagine. Though her fourth trail is colossal in more ways than one, finding out what makes her special may be the key to her success. The question is…will she figure it out in time?

Writer: Ken Krekeler
Artist: Ken Krekeler
Cover: Ken Krekeler

Tom Ferris is a forgotten button-down man in a world of super-heroes  streaking across the sky and hurling themselves over rooftops at night. They are commonplace. Each night, he lies awake though, wishing to be the man he was. Today, Tom gets his wish. And the world will never forget him again!  Collects the critically acclaimed engrossing four issue series.

Writer: Josiah Grahn
Artist: Carl Yonder
Cover: Carl Yonder

Smitty has lost everything twice-over, and now nothing is out of bounds as he desperately seeks a score large enough to buy his way back to safety. His former crewmate, now a feared captain, means to ensure Smitty's continued misery, instead. They can't both succeed.

Writer: Jeremy Whitley
Artists: Rosy Higgins, Ted Brandt
Cover: Rosy Higgins, Ted Bryant

Bedelia and Adrienne have a new teammate in Raven, The Pirate Princess. She’s tough, smart, fun-loving and she’s on an epic quest for revenge. When her quest clashes with Adrienne’s, sparks will fly and only one princess can come out on top!

Writers: Jason Martin, Dan Mendoza
Artist: Winston Young
Covers: TMChu (regular, risqué variant), Dan Mendoza (limited variant), Andrew Pepoy (Valentine variant)

Janey’s prize possession, her copy of the Necronomicon that helps her blend in and survive as an undead zombie tramp amongst the living, has gone missing. Now can she retrieve the book even though its new owner stirs long lost feelings as well? It’s Valentine’s Day Zombie Tramp style! Also look for the first appearance of an all new character soon to have her own series!