Sneak Peeks: Zenescope Entertainment February 18, 2015

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks for comics from Zenescope that will come out this week...

Robyn Hood Ongoing #7
Written by Pat Shand
Art by Roberta Ingranata
Colors by Slamet Mujiono
Letters by Jim Campbell

Avella, the powerful dark sorceress who trained Marian, has been both ally and foe to Robyn. However, when Marian discovers that Avella is either sick or dying, the true cause of Marian's weakened magic comes to light. As Robyn begins her search for a solution, the mysterious Cabal watches them from the shadows...

Charmed Season 10 #5
Written by Pat Shand
Art by Elisa Feliz
Colors by Valentina Cuomo
Letters by Christy Sawyer
Cover Art by David Seidman

After being hunted by Gaxageal, the Charmed Ones have again triumphed over evil. However, another threat lurks in the darkness as a demon named Valen attacks with the ancient Athame, a weapon that can destroy souls. As they fight the demon off, Cole Turner is stabbed by the deadly blade.

Grimm Tales of Terror #8
Story by Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, and Steve Yockey
Written by Steve Yockey
Artwork by Josh George
Colors by Rosario Costanzo
Letters by Micah Myers

Ghastly Award Nominated Series!

A lonely man picks up a young hitchhiker along the road. She turns out to be sweet and grateful for the ride. But what happens when a friendly ride turns into something else?

Realm War Volume 1 Trade Paperback
Written by Joe Brusha
Art by Sami Kivela
Colors by Maxflan Araujo
Letters by Jim Campbell

Following the epic and shocking events of Grimm Fairy Tales #100, the Age of Darkness has descended upon the Grimm Universe! The Dark Queen successfully merged Earth with the surrounding realms of Wonderland, Neverland, Oz, and Myst. She now rules over a frighteningly apocalyptic new world.

As thousands of innocents are being killed and enslaved daily, what is left of the Realm Knights fights a losing battle against the Dark Horde. But there is still one person left alive who has the chance to stop the Dark Queen and put an end to her reign... her name is Sela Mathers. This trade paperback collects Issues 1 through 6 of Zenescope Entertainment's 12-issue Grimm Fairy Tales: Realm War series.