First Look: SHAHRAZAD #1

The Fellowship has obtained a first look at SHAHRAZAD #1 from Big Dog Ink and Aspen Comics. The issue, which hits stores April 1st, is written by Kim Hutchison and Kari Castor with art by Mike Krome and colors by Nei Ruffino.

The first re-mastered debut from Aspen’s Big Dog Ink imprint!

A new heroine rises from the legends of the ancient world! Shahrazad was known for her amazing tales of 1001 Arabian Nights, but now it is time to tell her story! She lives a life unlike anything you could possibly imagine--an existence that spans generations as well as genres!

Featuring re-mastered content, an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of Shahrazad, creator commentary and more! Don’t miss out on the start of Aspen’s all new BDI launch with the premiere of SHAHRAZAD #1!