Sneak Peeks: Action Lab Entertainment April 22, 2015

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks for comics from Action Lab that will come out this week...

Writers: Gayle Middleton and Dave Dwonch
Artists: Amada Coronado (p), David Dwonch (i) Bill Blankenship (c)
Cover: Amanda Coronado (a), Bill Blankenship (c)

Teenager Destiny Harper is at a crossroad in her life. Graduation is coming, and she has zero prospects for the future.  Answering an ad for “The Night Care Nursery” seems like a great idea, until she is magically transported to Gloomvania, where dark creatures lurk the streets, and the world is being mysteriously overrun by baby vampyres called Vamplets!  Can Destiny serve her term as Governess of “The Nightmare Nursery” and return home?  Fairy tales get a modern update in this coming of age tales of monsters, mayhem, and magic!     Variant cover by William Blankenship (Limited to 1500 copies!) and Gayle Middleton herself (limited to 2000 copies!).

Writer:  David Pinckney
Artist: Soo Lee
Cover: Soo Lee

Standing before a jury of nine gods, Amarosa pleads for a chance to risk her life and gain entry to the Wishing Well where she will fight her way through nine trials to claim her prize: a single wish that will save her terminally ill brother. Though she has some help, what she learns about herself here in the first four trials may be her only chance of survival.  Collects the first four issues of this critically acclaimed series

Writers: Dan Mendoza, Jason Martin
Artist: TMChu
Covers: TMChu (regular, risqué variant), Dan Mendoza (limited variant)

Zombie Tramp faces a new monster of her own creation, when a Detroit meth maker cooks up a batch of her undead bath salts! Meanwhile it’s chaos in the streets as the new drug has users turning into tweaker zombies! Plus Motor City’s own resident bad girl, Vampblade, cuts in on the action!