Sneak Peeks: BOOM! Studios April 29, 2015

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks for comics from BOOM! that will come out this week...

Rocket Salvage #5 (of 5)
Author: Yehudi Mercado
Artist: Bachan

Double-sized final issue, 44 pages of story! War descends on Rio Rojo. With robot Republic of Galaxy warriors filling the skies and monster Galactic Republic guards infesting the streets, the Rockets are in the fight of their life. Zeta must turn the tide and use her powers to end this thing once and for all.

Big Trouble in Little China #10
Author: Eric Powell
Artist: Brian Churilla

While Egg and Wong battle for Jack’s soul in the streets of Chinatown, Jack must find a way to make secure his own escape and back-stab Lo Pan in the process. When you get stuck in the Hell of No Return and your worst enemy is the only help you got, then you know your name is Jack Burton.

Burning Fields #4 (of 8)
Authors: Michael Moreci & Tim Daniel
Artist: Colin Lorimer

Dana and Aban chase down leads through a series of tunnels far from any military base, unaware that Decker and the PMCs are headed the same way, ready for a showdown. But the real threat is something far more sinister than any of them could have imagined.

Cow Boy Vol. 1 TP
Author: Nate Cosby
Artist: Chris Eliopoulos

Boyd Linney ain’t no ordinary 10-year-old. This here is the tale of the young bounty hunter, determined to round up his whole outlaw family. He travels across the Old West on an unstoppable quest to put his entire family in the clink, or die tryin’. This includes short stories by Roger Langridge (Jim Henson’s The Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow, Abigail and the Snowman), Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener (Atomic Robo), Mike Maihack (Cleopatra in Space), and Colleen Coover (Bandette).

Hit: 1957 #2 (of 4)
Author: Bryce Carlson
Artist: Vanesa R. Del Rey

Tensions are building in the new Hit Squad as Sticky deals with the consequences of his actions and his relationship with Slater continues to fray. Meanwhile, Bonnie finds herself falling for the same old trap as she begins to enjoy her time in Las Vegas with her captor, Vincent.

Munchkin #4
Author: Tom Siddell, Jim Zub
Artist: Mike Holmes, Rian Sygh

Based on the popular card game. A squad of space marines are sent to investigate a colony that has recently fallen out of contact, but when they get there, they find the first signs of non-human life are super annoying. Plus, an exclusive game card is included with every copy of the first printing!

Plunder #3 (of 4)
Author: Swifty Lang
Artist: Skuds McKinley

The creature has reconfigured. Bahdoon teams up with the ship’s sole survivor to escape as more crew members begin to see twisted versions of their fantasies. The pirate leader isn’t sure who he wants to kill more: the monster or Bahdoon?

Steven Universe: Greg Universe Special #1
Authors: Jeremy Sorese, Liz Prince, Coleman Engle, Grace Kraft, Chrystin Garland, and Kevin Panetta
Artists: Jeremy Sorese, Coleman Engle, Grace Kraft, Kelly Turnbull, Rachel Dukes, Chrystin Garland, and Jared Morgan

Steven Universe and the rest of the Crystal Gems are bonafide heroes, saving Beach City day after day. But you know who else is a hero? Greg Universe! Steven’s dad might not have Crystal Gem powers, but he’s a valuable member of the team, too! This oversized collection of shorts features father-and-son fun, as Greg teaches Steven some valuable life lessons.

Thomas Alsop Vol. 1 TP
Author: Chris Miskiewicz
Artist: Palle Schmidt

What would you do if you had the magical ability and responsibility to protect the island of Manhattan from supernatural forces of evil? Well, if you’re Thomas Alsop, you get a reality television show and make some money off of it, that’s what! Alsop is the current “Hand of the Island,” a title handed down from generation to generation. He guards Manhattan from evil, using his family’s prowess for magic. Thomas has money and fame, but also the burden of a being this generation’s occult warrior. Can he survive the battles both within and without? Collects issues #1-4.