The Fellowship has obtained a first look at CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA #3 from Archie Comics. The issue, which hits stores May 27th, is written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa with art by Robert Hack and Jack Morelli. The cover and variant is by Robert Hack.

It’s the night before Halloween, the night before Sabrina’s sixteenth birthday, the night of the blood-moon and the lunar eclipse, and Sabrina has made her decision: She will go into the woods of Greendale as a half-witch and emerge…on the other side of a frightful ritual…as a fully baptized member of the Church of Night. But there will be a cost, and his name is Harvey. And unbeknownst to Sabrina and her aunts, there is a serpent in the garden, their great enemy Madam Satan, who is conspiring against them...