Robot Substitute Teachers Take Over Middle School

Writer Trevor Mueller (READING WITH PICTURES) and artist Gabo (THE LIFE AFTER, ELEPHANT MEN) have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the second print volume of the popular webcomic series ALBERT THE ALIEN, titled THE SUBSTITUTE TEACHER FROM PLANET X. Trevor Mueller has been nominated for several webcomic awards in the past, and Gabo was nominated for a Russ Manning Award in this year. The two local comic creators are self-publishing the book, wanting to make “the best younger readers story that’s fun for adults, but appropriate for all ages.”The Kickstarter campaign is live here.

"Weird and funny and charming and... it's so much fun to read." - Mark Waid (DAREDEVIL, KINGDOM COME)

ALBERT THE ALIEN originally appeared in the educational anthology READING WITH PICTURES. Trevor and Gabo loved the character so much, they launched him into a webcomic series in 2013 (updates Wednesdays and Fridays at and the series was picked up by Mark Waid for his Thrillbent website (updates Tuesdays at In 2014, Trevor and Gabo raised over $8,500 through Kickstarter to produce ALBERT THE ALIEN VOL 1: NEW IN SCHOOL, which had themes around making friends and anti-bullying. This second volume will continue to have strong positive themes for kids, but a fun adventure story they want to read.

"This is absolutely EXACTLY the sort of comic we should all be reading. Smart, addicting, good-hearted and brilliantly put together, Albert the Alien is a wonderful comic." - Steve Morris (Comics Beat)

Created by Trevor Mueller and Gabo, the series stems from their mutual love ofSaturday morning cartoons when they were both growing up. Albert the Alien is the first foreign exchange student from another planet. And whenever Albert gets involved, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. The second volume takes place a week after the first, when all of the teachers mysteriously call in sick and are replaced by robot substitute teachers. And it’s up to Albert and his friends to find out who’s responsible, and stop them before they take over the school and ruin his first Homecoming Dance. Trevor will once again write the story, with art and colors by Gabo.

The campaign is now live at and runs through Monday, June 29.