Sneak Peeks: Alterna Comics July 8, 2015

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks for comics from Alterna that will come out this week...

Story and Art: Jeff McComsey

It's a Ballroom Blitzkrieg in the streets of Stalingrad as Mother Russia fights her way through a sea of undead while a toddler is strapped to her back. The odds are a million to one and that's the good news. Not one step backwards in this 44-page conclusion to FUBAR's first stand-alone tale!

JORUND (digital release)
Story: James Mulholland
Art: Julio Falkenhagen, Armand Jasmin, Micah Myers, Roger Bonet Martinez, Sonia Moruno

Jorund is a young norseman who sets out to regain his family's honor by murdering the viking who killed his father. But as Jorund finds out – there's more to his father's murder than what appears on the surface.