Sneak Peeks: IDW Publishing September 16, 2015

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks for comics from IDW that will come out this week...

D4VE2 # 1 (of 4)
Ryan Ferrier (w)
Valentin Ramon (a & c)

ONE YEAR LATER. With the world seemingly at peace, things seem pretty all right on 34RTH until a strange ship's arrival sends D4VE head-first into an existential crisis: an inconceivable blast from the past that threatens not only D4VE's dwindling relationship with 5COTTY, but all of robot-kind itself!

Jem and the Holograms #7
Kelly Thompson (w)
Emma Vieceli (a)
Sophie Campbell (c)

VIRAL PART 1! Jerrica and her sisters face their biggest threat yet—success! Meanwhile, the Misfits aren’t taking these upstarts laying down... as they find themselves under new management...

Mickey Mouse #4
Andrea “Casty” Castellan, Jonathan Gray (w)
Giorgio Cavazzano (a & c)

Mickey re-teams with super explorer Eurasia Toft to find the awesome “Gift of the Sun Lord”—but Pegleg Pete is out to make their treasure hunt tougher!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #34
Jeremy Whitley (w)
Andy Price (a & c)

“Siege of the Crystal Empire” Part 1! An enigmatic new foe brings together some of the most villainous characters in Equestria to attack the Crystal Empire! What is their true aim and will our ponies be able to save the day?

Star Trek #49—Five-Year Mission
Mike Johnson (w)
Tony Shasteen (a & c)

The FIVE YEAR MISSION of the Starship Enterprise continues here in the epic conclusion to "Deity"! Up against a fierce new enemy, Captain Kirk must choose between sacrificing his ship and crew or allowing an innocent species to perish!

String Divers #2 (of 5)
Chris Ryall (w)
Nelson Daniel (a)
Ashley Wood (c)

“Unified Chaos Theory,” part 2: The robotic, microscopic String Divers find adventure, peril and quantum threats at a level even theoretical physicists never theorized!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Amazing Adventures #2
Landry Walker (w)
Chad Thomas (a)
Jon Sommariva (c)

The adventures continue! The Turtles face a new, all-powerful foe. To survive they’ll have to turn to… Shredder?? Bonus story featuring a comic book made by Mikey!

WEIRD Love #9
Joe Gill, Richard Hughes (w)
John Buscema, Ogden Whitney, various (a)
John Buscema (c)

The New York Journal of Books calls Weird Love, “A wonderful and wildly entertaining collection of romance stories, some of the craziest and weirdest love stories you will ever read. It is impossible to not laugh out loud at some point. Every story in here is one hundred percent high fun." This issue features The Mini-Dress, Female of the Species, Breakdown, Leader of the Pack, Sorority Sisters, Take Him Shopping, Call Me Wicked  and JAILBAIT!