Action Lab Entertainment Release the Covers for it's Upcoming Crossover Event

Hot on the tail of the release of this week's Actionverse #0, the first official team up of three of Action Lab Entertainment's creator owned superhero properties, Action Lab released the main covers for it's next event.

ACTIONVERSE, a six issue weekly miniseries uniting the companies multiple superhero characters in a multiverse spanning story. The series will unite the characters from MOLLY DANGER, STRAY, MIDNIGHT TIGER, THE F1RST HERO and the hero who helped launch the company five years ago, VIRTUE of the series FRACTURE. Written by Anthony Ruttgaizer (The F1rst Hero), Jamal Igle (Molly Danger, Venture, Supergirl), Shawn Gabborin ( Fracture, Charles Bands' Puppet Master), Vito Delsante (Stray, Midnight Tiger, Adventures of Superman), Ray- Anthony Height (Midnight Tiger, Spider-Girl), Sean Izaakse (Stray, Pathfinder Origins), who have been collaborating for almost two years is the largest independent crossover event of it's kind. Each issue will sport an issue #1 but connect into a single storyline.