AC Comics Solicitations For May 2016

The Fellowship has obtained the solicitations from AC Comics that will come out May 2016...

Crypt of Horror Volume 29
Writers: Ruth Roche, Joe Gill, Richard Hughes, Robert Bernstein and others uncredited.
Artists: Jack Kirby, Bob Powell, Alex Toth, Dick Ayers, Doug Wildey, Steve Ditko, Rocke Mastroserio, Manny Stallman, Angelo Torres, Joe Maneely Harry Lazarus, Mike Peppe and others uncredited.
Cover Artist: Bob Fugitani
Standard comic book size, 160 pages, Black and White (with color cover) $29.95

MORE PAGES/MORE STORIES THAN EVER!! Extra-thick 160-page compilation of 27 complete horror stories nobody else is reprinting, from publishers like Standard/Nedor, Toby, Superior, Ajax/Farrell, Gilmore, Media Pubs/Aragon; with art by Kirby, Toth, Powell, Ayers, Ditko, Stallman, Mastroserio, Wildey, Torres, Maneely, Andru and other greats.

Ships with TWO covers in an approximate 2-to-1 ratio, 2 with the Bob Fugitani (cover A) and 1 with the unidentified Golden Age artists's "bats, ghost and skulls" (cover B) in addition to having TWENTY MORE PAGES than a standard issue of Crypt of Horror!