Moonstone Books Solicitations For May 2016

The Fellowship has obtained the solicitations from Moonstone Books that will come out May 2016...

Story: Nancy Holder, Bobby Nash
Art: Marco Santiago
Cover: Glen Fernandez
32pgs, 7” x 10”, GRAYSCALE, $3.50
UPC: 685239899061
(UPC variant): 685239899078

NY Times best-selling author NANCY HOLDER brings us a new series of wild adventures of Domino Lady with two friends!

Revealed! Part 1.
Trouble Times Three! It's Coast to Coast action, adventure, romance, and intrigue as Pulp's #1 Adventuress, Domino Lady teams up with the Golden Amazon and The Veil to thwart a killer, stop a nefarious Nazi plot, and uncover mysterious happenings on big Hollywood movie set. When just one hero isn't enough, Domino Lady and her companions come together to get the job done.

***RETAILER INCENTIVE: If you purchase 4 or more copies of Domino Lady Threesome #1, you will receive 1 FREE variant issue!