Sneak Peeks: Titan Comics January 20, 2016

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks of comics from Titan that will come out this week...

Writer/Artist: André Lima Araújo
Cover A: André Lima Araújo
Cover B: Ryan Stegman
Cover C: Yishan Li

The highly-anticipated Final Cut of the hit web-comics experience!

From artist/writer André Lima Araújo (Avengers AI, Ultimate FF, Age of Apocalypse) comes this high-octane dystopian thriller in which technology rules with a heavy hand, cyborg strike teams are commonplace, and the lines between man and machine grow hazier every day.

Writer: Nicole Phillips
Artist:  Beni Lobel

Start of a brand new story arc.

When a terrible explosion and fire rips through an Italian high security prison and a small rural town in America is incinerated in an horrific chemical plant accident, Raymond 'Red' Reddington, the Concierge of Crime, realises that the sinister organisation known as the Cabal is cleaning house and using a deadly new Blacklister by the name of the Arsonist to cover their tracks with large-scale, pyrotechnic attacks.

Writers: Scott & David Tipton
Artists: Simon Fraser, Lee Sullivan, Mike Collins, Gary Erskine, Philip Bond, John Ridgway, Kev Hopgood, Roger Langridge, David Messina, Giorgia Sposito, Elena Casagrande, Matthew Dow Smith, Kelly Yates

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who anew with an epic adventure featuring the Doctor's first eleven incarnations! Writers Scott & David Tipton are joined by some of the greatest artists of the Doctor's comic book past and present to tell a story that shakes the Doctor to his core!

Collects Doctor Who: Prisoners Of Time #1-12.

Writer: Stephane Lapuss’
Artist: Renaud Collin  

The Minions return for more laughs and another helping of madcap fun in this second hilarious comic collection.

Writer: Kahel
Artist: Mig & Saturax
Cover A: Ankama
Cover B: Ankama

In the Shako Park, Yugo and friends are having the time of their lives! There are so many rides and so much delicious food to eat! But little do they know that they are being watched by the park’s mysterious creator… and he has fallen in love with Princess Amalia!