AC Comics Solicitations For June 2016

The Fellowship has obtained the solicitations from AC Comics that will come out June 2016...

Femforce #175
Writers: Stephanie Heike, Mark G. Heike, Andrew Hawnt and Mark Holmes
Artists: Rock Baker, Dan Gorman, Ricardo Desini, Jacob Bear, Francesco Savi, Bill Black, Jeff Austin, Scott Shriver , Jacob Bear, Mark Dail and Michael Bowers
Cover Artist: Stephanie Heike and Mark Heike (standard version "A"). Bill Black (alternate version "B")
Standard comic book size, 80 pages, Black and White (with color covers) $9.95

The FEMFORCE must stop the gigantic stone ZAZURRA, battle LADY LUGER and face BLITZFRAU in this HISTORIC 175Th ISSUE! Backups include RAD fighting in Siberia, MS. Victory and TARA versus a monster, SYNN matching wits with a brain, and NIGHTVEIL trapped on Dark Dhagor!! Special BILL BLACK autographed alternate cover!!

This issue ships in a 4:1 ratio of standard Mark and Stephanie Heike cover design A to a special BILL BLACK AUTOGRAPHED alternate RAD cover B. (Meaning out of every FIVE copies of this book that are shipped, ONE will be personally autographed by cover artist, original AC Comics editor- in -chief and CREATOR of the FEMFORCE and all things AC Comics, BILL BLACK at no extra cost!!.)