First Look: CHUM #2

The Fellowship has obtained a first look at CHUM #2 from ComixTribe Comics. The issue, which hits stores June 1st, is written by Ryan K Lindsay with art by Sami Kivela and colors by Mark Dale. The cover is by Sami Kivela, with a variant by Joe Mulvey.

Summer’s getaway plan spreads out before her like an endless horizon. It might seem foolish to burn all your bridges before you've left an island but Summer can always make a raft out of the dead bodies left in her wake.

CHUM is "Pulp Fiction on the sand," a surf noir story straight off the drugstore paperback rack that will ruin your faith in people, from Sami Kivela [artist on Zenescope’s REALM WAR] and Ryan K Lindsay [the writer of Dark Horse’s NEGATIVE SPACE].