Sneak Peeks: IDW Publishing May 4, 2016

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks of comics from IDW that will come out this week...

Dungeons & Dragons #1
Jim Zub (w)
Nelson Daniel (a)
Max Dunbar (c)

MINSC AND BOO ARE BACK! And things have never looked more dire, as mysterious forces draw the legendary ranger and his crew of adventurers to RAVENLOFT, the Realm of Terror… where they find themselves face to face with undead horrors in the land of eternal night!

3 Devils #3 (of 4)
Bo Hampton (w & a & c)

The ex-slave and the gypsy girl are packing 19th-Century heat! Marcus and Tara are going after the vampire known as the White Man but make a stop at the Bent River Saloon before leaving town—a decision that may prove to be fatal! Blockbuster bar-room brawl action!

Amazing Forest #5
Ulises Fariñas & Erick Freitas (w)
Jack Forbes, Teylor Smirl, Alison Wight, Edwin Vazquez (a)
Ulises Farinas (c)

Tales for the bold. Ideas for the strange. Ulises Fariñas, Erick Freitas, and a cavalcade of new talents bring to life amazing fantastical tales: Wish goblins! Rampaging robots! A melting snowman! And a villain that conquers the world!

Angry Birds Comics #5
Janne Toriseva & Various (w)
Marco Gervasio (a)
Ciro Cangiolosi (c)

April showers bring May…Tsunamis!? When the Blues decide to perform a Sun Dance celebration, things go awry and what they get is more rain than Piggy Island can handle. Will the pigs help dry things out or see this as a chance to finally get their hooves on those precious eggs? We can’t tell you here but the results are explosive!

G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero #228: Cobra Nation, Part 3
Larry Hama (w)
S L Gallant (a & c)

Things have been quiet on the Cobra front, as far as G.I. JOE can tell… but that may just be because there’s a snake in the grass on the homefront. Could there be a traitor within G.I. JOE’s ranks?

Hot Damn #2 (of 5)
Ryan Ferrier (w) 
Valentin Ramon (a & c)

Fun with exorcisms! After ticking Satan right off, Teddy and his sponsor Costello hit the streets of Hell for a night of demonic debauchery and a slow, pukey crawl down memory lane. Meanwhile, up in Heaven, someone crapped in angel Adriel’s corn flakes. Spoiler alert: It was God.

Insufferable: On the Road #4
Mark Waid (w)
Peter Krause (a & c)

At long last, our heroes have managed to corner the villain they’ve traveled around the world to find—but there’s a larger scheme in play, and our boys are all out of resources!

My Little Pony: Friends Forever #28
Jeremy Whitley (w)
Tony Fleecs (a & c)

The Cutie Mark Crusaders visit Canterlot. When their appointed guardian is summoned away, it’s up to Princess Luna to watch over the precocious fillies. Luna can’t be that bad with kids, right?

Star Trek: Manifest Destiny #2 (of 4)
Mike Johnson & Ryan Parrott (w)
Angel Hernandez (a & c)

The blockbuster mini-series continues as Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew face off with the Klingons in deep space... a conflict that could ignite all-out galactic war! Don't miss this special event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the STAR TREK franchise!

Star Trek New Visions: Of Woman Born
John Byrne (w, photo-manipulation)

A god cannot die, and a story never truly ends. Dr. McCoy confronts Captain Kirk with a staggering discovery -- Lt. Carolyn Palamas is pregnant with the child of Apollo. Or is she? Find out in "Of Woman Born," courtesy of photomanipulator extraordinaire, John Byrne.

Uncle Scrooge #14
Francesco Artibani, Jonathan Gray (w)
Alessandro Perina, Al Hubbard (a)
Ulrich Schroeder (c)

“Scrooge’s Last Adventure,” Part 2 of 4! Is Magica De Spell a bad witch or a good witch? The Sorceress’ Society has forced her to reform—right when Scrooge needs her magic at its blackest!

Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories #731
Bruno Sarda, Stefan Petrucha (w)
Franco Valussi (a)
Massimo Fecchi (c)

“The Search for the Zodiac Stone,” Part 11 of 12! Can Mickey Mouse keep Magica out of Scrooge’s Money Bin? Then Goofy faces Westworld wannabes in “Why Robot?”

WEIRD Love #12
Various (w & a)
Al Avison (c)

 “Mexican Madness!” “I Was the Wholesome Type” “Backroads Romance!” “Marked Woman” “Clothes Make The Man—Run!” “Never Love a Man with a Harem!” Six bizarro comics in all!