Solicit Deadline 6.1.16 for make mine INDIE

Set to debut on 6.20.16, make mine INDIE is a FREE quarterly indie comics digital catalog & magazine. Featuring print, digital, and web comic solicits for readers and shops as well as articles on indie comics creators, publishers, and the industry itself.

Produced by the critically-acclaimed New York Times Best-Selling Graphic Books Publisher Alterna Comics, the goal of make mine INDIE is to provide a catalog that highlights comic creators and their creations, regardless of whether or not those creations are available through distributed or self-distributed means. Part promotional catalog and part magazine, make mine INDIE aims to be a one-stop shop for comic readers and comic shops alike, showcasing as many comic creations as possible.

Featuring affordable pricing on full page ad solicits for comics, make mine INDIE is not a distribution service but an easier way to discover your next favorite indie comic book. The first issue of make mine INDIE will debut on6.20.16 through email, social media, downloadable PDF and CBZ links, and on comiXology.

Solicits are currently being accepted up until the June 1st solicit deadline.

Creators and Publishers can learn more here:!blank-1/vhnt5

Advertisers can learn more here:!advertisers/pztw4

Stores can learn more here:!stores/ehe1i

Interested readers can learn more here:!readers/hdvow