Genre Fiction Takes Flight! ALTERNATIVE AIR ADVENTURES Debuts From Pro Se Productions!

One of the most intriguing genres in Classic Pulp Fiction focused on Aviation, the machines that conquered the skies and the people who flew them. Pro Se Productions makes its mark on that sub genre with an anthology that tackles Aviation fiction in tales without airplanes or other ‘normal’ air borne apparatus. ALTERNATIVE AIR ADVENTURES is now available in print and digital formats

“People are fascinated by flying,” says Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions, “always have been. ALTERNATIVE AIR ADVENTURES continues that fascination by changing the status quo somewhat, something that New Pulp does a lot these days. Imagine that planes and typical helicopters and the like simply never developed. They never happened. How, then, would man have ever left the ground? Three of the best authors in Genre Fiction today tackle that question in this collection, and the stories are simply awesome. Combine that with the absolutely gorgeous cover by Michael Hegedus and this is a must have read!”

FLIGHT! An ability that has always fascinated mankind and for centuries, a mystery that eluded those who sought it most! But, what if the discovery of such things as the airplane or helicopter had never occurred? What if the path to man gaining his own wings went other directions? Those worlds are imagined and come to life in Pro Se Productions’ ALTERNATIVE AIR ADVENTURES! Join authors Kevin Findley, Davide Mana, and Gene Moyers as they fly the wild and wonderful, sometimes unfriendly skies in machines from their minds. Heroes and villains combat one another high above the ground in ships that have only lived in dreams…until now. Climb aboard and strap in for ALTERNATIVE AIR ADVENTURES from Pro Se Productions!

Featuring a breathtaking cover by Michael Hegedus and print formatting and book design by Antonino Lo Iacono, ALTERNATIVE AIR ADVENTURES is available now at Amazon at
and Pro Se’s own store at for 10.00.

This innovative volume is also available as an Ebook, designed and formatted by Lo Iacono and available for only $2.99 for the Kindle at
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