New Tinto Press Comic by British Author Daniel Locke

New comic from across the pond shows us that a seemingly ordinary moment is anything but. See it here!

In the best tradition of Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor comes this reality-based work by British creator, Daniel Locke. What can be called “routine” when life is in a constant state of flux? Daniel addresses this question with his new full-color, 24-page comic, Pnuema #1. It’s an intimate look inside the lives of four individuals, seemingly ordinary people, all of whom are on the precipice of significant change in their lives. The characters are fundamentally unaware of each other’s story. A barista, her two customers and a child playing ball outside the tea shop are all on their own path towards inevitable fate. It’s a story about the private and secret circumstances that color our daily interactions with those we come into contact with. If anything is certain, it’s that everything will be vastly different in no time at all. Pneuma is a profound reminder that we live in a world limited by our own senses; an insufficient set of tools for creating awareness. This is a great read for anyone interested in comics that deal with the real fabric of daily life in a very personal way.

Available now from Tinto Press.
24 Pages, Full Color, 6.5”x10.25”
Retail $3.99