First Look: BOY ZERO

The Fellowship has obtained a first look at BOY ZERO from Caliber Comics. The graphic novel, which hits stores November, is written by Charles Chester with art by Shiloh Penfield.

A serial killer has crippled Glass City with fear for the better part of a year. Killing to a soundtrack, he mysteriously has tapped into the city’s PA systems and radio frequencies; uniting the city in the moments of his murders. The city looks to Detective Drekker to solve the impossible case. But Drekker is obsessed that there is a link to one of his first cases ‘The Boogeyman Killings’. In that investigation, a small town was plagued by a series of child murders. How does the loss of innocence 20 years ago lead to the horrific murders today? Drekker is desperate because he knows…when the music stops…people die.