Geek Podcast Marathon Making History

Southgate Media announced today that their second annual podcast Marathon occurring on October 1 will be competing for the Guinness World Record for the most concurrent live podcast event. The event will be 14 hours long starting at 7:30am CSTand ending at 9:30 CST. It will feature 20+ podcasts and will include 20+ video podcasts broadcast live via Southgate Media Group’s YouTube Channel ( Rob Southgate will be Mcing the event at the Dr Who Themed Blue Box Cafe at 176 E Chicago St, Elgin, IL 60120. Attendance is free and from evergreen hits like Alil Kunica and Nuff Said ( Marvel/Agents of Shield Theme) to 9 year old podcast ingenue Molly Southgate and What’s Molly Cooking (Cooking for Kids) there is something for the entire family. The Official Red Eye Geek himself Elliott Serrano will round out the incredible line up. Want to see everyone who will be part of the event? Go to

Southgate explains, “Nuff Said is a great example. This was one of our first podcasts and now they have a large regular audience and loyal fan base. Disturbed, an American Horror Story Podcast, has a reliable growing fanbase despite the fact that new episodes are monthly. My daughter Molly has been part of hundreds of podcasts and will be hosting Ever After: The Once Upon a Time Podcast that day. One of SMG’s strengths is we take the guess work and mystery out of how to create AND maintain a podcast.”

Not available to be at the event? The following links below will let you not miss a moment of fun:

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Live tweets @SMGpods