Sneak Peeks: BOOM! Studios September 21, 2016

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks of comics from BOOM! that will come out this week...

Writer: R.J. Ryan
Artist: David Marquez
Cover Artist: David Marquez

Final issue! Just as business booms, George Joyner’s private life begins to implode, with devastating, life-threatening consequences for everyone he seems to have come into contact with.

Writers: Meg Gandy, Travis Betz, Kevin Jay Stanton
Artists: Meg Gandy, Ruth Turner, Kevin Jay Stanton
Main Cover: Jen Bartel
Incentive Cover: Meredith McClaren 
  • Our annual Halloween tradition for Adventure Time continues with this brand-new collection of spooky short stories!
  • There’s nothing more terrifying in Ooo than...a penguin??
  • That’s right! Gunter, the most evil being in the Land of Ooo, takes center stage!
  • 40 pages of story and art!

Writer: Cory Godbey
Artist: Cory Godbey
Cover Artist: Cory Godbey 
  • In this children’s storybook, experience the endlessly imaginative world of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth through the eyes of its most fantastical and beloved characters!
  • Witness a day in the life of Sir Didymus, the recklessly heroic fox-terrier; Ludo, the loveable oaf; Hoggle, an ever-loyal companion; and others as they play games, work together, and revel in the magic of the labyrinth.
  • Written and gorgeously illustrated by acclaimed children’s book illustrator Cory Godbey (Have Courage, Be Kind: The Tale of Cinderella), Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Tales takes readers deep into the adventure where magic knows no bounds.

Writers: Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly
Artist: Marcus To
Cover Artist: Marcus To

Now an ongoing series! After the chaotic series of events in volume 1, the team goes to an unexplored planet to relax. It’s a gas giant with large floating continents that also happen to be alive but unbeknownst to the team, the planet also has a chemical compound in the air that begins to affect them. How so? Well, love is in the air.

Writers: Kurt Sutter & Caitlin Kittredge
Artist: Jesús Hervás
Cover Artist: Garry Brown

Lucas searches for a demon during the Vietnam War and comes across the battlefield where his father died.

Writer: Kyle Higgins
Artist: Hendry Prasetya
Main Cover: Jamal Campbell
Zord Incentive Cover 1: Goñi Montes
Incentive Cover 2: Khary Randolph
Unlockable Action Figure Variant: David Ryan Robinson
Unlockable Villain Variant: Benjamin Dewey

The Black Dragon has come! As the balance of power shifts, Earth finally falls into Rita’s evil hands. Do the Power Rangers have a hope of saving their home and defeating the nefarious danger they now face?