Sneak Peeks: Dynamite Entertainment September 14, 2016

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks of comics from Dynamite that will come out this week...

Grimm #1
Writer: Caitlin Kittredge
Artist: Maria Sanapo
Covers: Maria Sanapo (a), Kyle Strahm “Mask Variant” (b)
Incentive cover: Maria Sanapo (B/W art), Maria Sanapo (“virgin art”)

What do Juliette, Adalind, Truble and Rosalee have in common? They’re the women in the life of Portland’s own Grimm, Nick Burkhardt, and they’re about to cross paths in a way they’d never expect! Set during the tumultuous fourth season of the hit television show, Juliette’s struggles to come to terms with becoming a Hexenbiest draw her into conflict with a new Wessen threat, and she finds she has nowhere to turn except her most hated enemy, Adalind! That’s right, the woman who impersonated Juliette and slept with Nick!  Written by Caitlin Kittredge, the author behind the Nocturne City and Iron Codex novels (among many others) and Coffin Hill for Vertigo, with art by rising newcomer Maria Sanapo! In stores in time for Grimm season 6, this fall on NBC!

Battlestar Galactica #2
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Alex Sanchez
Covers: Alex Sanchez (a)
Subscription cover: Michael Adams  “Action Figure”
Incentive cover: Alex Sanchez (B/W art)

Commander Adama has suffered a grievous injury and is unable to lead his people when they need him most. On a strange world where penitents worship derelict star craft, Apollo has made a shocking discovery. And the relentless Cylons have pursued the Galactica... to sue for peace!?

Bob’s Burgers #15
Writer: Brian Hall
Artist: Various
Covers: T.G. Hopkins (a), Jack Herzog (b)

Gene serves up a magnificent medieval tale in Issue 15 of the Bob's Burgers Comic Book! A rogue dodgeball sends Gene back in time - to a land of kings, and knights, and a wizard who's just "meh." Gene discovers that his modern-day Casio keyboard is really quite "magical" in the 6th century, much to Merlin's chagrin.

Control #4
Writer: Andy Diggle, Angela Cruickshank
Artist: Andrea Mutti
Cover: Ben Oliver

There’s a deadly plot in the highest echelons of the Washington elite… and the bodies are piling up, cops and civilians both! Detective Kate Burnham’s investigation leads her to confront a mystery woman spotted at the first crime scene… and come face-to-face with a powerful media magnate at the heart of the conspiracy!

Six Million Dollar Man #3
Writer: Van Jensen
Artist: Ron Salas
Cover: Ron Salas

This issue’s so packed with action and insanity that we just had to break the mold! This issue reads like no comic you’ve seen before! Join Steve Austin on a scenic tour of Germany’s cities, countryside and mountains—at 100mph while battling agents of OSI!  WE know Steve’s no traitor, but they don’t, and the stakes are more than just life and death—Steve’s very humanity is hanging in the balance!
Heroes of Skyrealm #1 (DIGITAL COMIC ONLY – Available at Dynamite Digital, Google Play, MadeFire, Dark Horse Digital, iTunes, and Kindle.)
Writer: Edwin McRae, Ian Morgenheim, Rik Hoskins
Artist: Ilaria Gelli

Welcome to Skyrealm--where a thousand different cultures meet and all things are possible.  Darius is a magic invoker of questionable prowess who's A1:T13 of a trading party from the distant Unbroken Empire.  But when the Unbroken transport is blasted out of the sky by pirates, Darius and his single surviving shipmate, Captain Krieger, find themselves up to their necks in trouble.  Can they stay alive long enough to become the Heroes of Skyrealm?  Discover a world of adventure that goes even further in Heroes of Skyrealm, mobile coming soon from Mechanist Games for iOS and Android!