Sneak Peeks: Dynamite Entertainment November 9, 2016

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks of comics from Dynamite that will come out this week...

Lone Ranger / Green Hornet #5
Writer: Michael Uslan
Artist: Giovanni Timpano
Cover: Jan Duursema

The Lone Ranger Meets the Green Hornet in “Champions of Justice" #5 of 5! In this last issue concluding the saga of the Reid family, the torch finally passes from The Lone Ranger to The Green Hornet... but is the price that must be paid in blood worth it? We cannot provide any more details of this story without using spoilers, but we truly believe our readers will find the denouement uplifting while at the same time being emotionally affected by the intense ending of a tale that has been 80 years in the making!

Betty Boop #2
Writer: Roger Langridge
Artist: Gisèle Lagacé
Covers: Roger Langridge (a), J. Bone (b),
Incentive cover: J. Bone (B/W art)

Lenny Lizardlips wants to turn Grampy’s house into a nightclub to bring hot tunes to the widows and orphans. A noble goal, surely? But all is not what it seems. Fiendish deeds are afoot! Time to call... the Department of Jazz! Brand-new, Fleischer-styled hijinks for Betty Boop, Koko, Bimbo and her friends.

Homies #2
Writer: David Gonzales, Elliot Serrano
Artist: Andrew Huerta
Covers: Andrew Huerta “Wraparound”
Incentive cover: Andrew Huerta (B/W art)

When budget cuts threaten to put an end to one of the most vital programs at the Homies Community Center, Hollywood and Big Loco recruit two of the world's greatest Mexican luchadores to help put on a fundraiser! But what will they do when the good guy, Macho Mascara, gets injured before the big match? And his opponent, "El Diablo", demands payment up front? Which of the Homies will step into the ring to save the neighborhood?

The Homies are back in a new series featuring the surprise hit of the 90's! Low riders meet high-flying masked wrestlers in this story of good versus evil in the squared circle. Written by Homies creator David Gonzalez and Elliott Serrano ("Army of Darkness: Ash for President”), with art by Andrew Huerta!

Intertwined #2
Writer: Fabrice Sapolsky
Artist: Fred Pham Chuong
Covers: Fred Pham Chuong (a)

Give in to Kung Fu Noir! Juan Jin’s nightmare has only just begun. Not only he’s been drugged and brought from Hong-Kong to the United States illegally, but he now has to go through humiliation, rudeness and brutality of New York’s Sing Sing Prison guards. And if it wasn’t enough, everyone’s after him and the Golden Dragon statue he’s mysteriously connected to. Darkness calls Juan Jin… Will he give in?

James Bond #11
Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Jason Masters
Cover: Dom Reardon

EIDOLON, CHAPTER 5:  Eidolon have M and Moneypenny, in a remote safehouse, with no hope of backup, no aid on the way, and no sign of James Bond.  Fear and paranoia and the collapse of governmental structure are in sight.  Britain is going back to the Dark Ages and SPECTRE, finally, have won.

James Bond: Hammerhead #2
Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Luca Casalanguida
Covers: Francesco Francavilla (a)

Assigned to hunt down and eliminate a terrorist threatening Britain’s nuclear deterrent, 007 shadows the nation’s leading defense contractor at the Dubai Arms Fair. As a lethal trap is sprung around him, Bond finds an unexpected ally in glamorous arms company executive Victoria Hunt.