GEEK-GIRL #3 Showcases Mr. Mash-Up in a Special Jump-On Issue

Since landing a pair of flight and super-strength-inducing super-tech glasses, co-ed Ruby Kaye has been trying to get to grips with the changes she's going through and the power she now has... and in the specially priced 'Jump-On-issue,' Geek-Girl #3, featuring a bonus recap of Geek-Girl #1-#2, Ruby is ready to fully embrace being a super-hero. ...But is she ready for Mr. Mash-Up?

“Ruby got the glasses on a whim, by getting their inventor [her resident college brainiac, Trevor Goldstein] drunk and winning them from him in a game of Strip Poker,” says Geek-Girl's creator/writer Sam Johnson; “She didn't really think what she'd do with them, and the first thing she wound up doing was alienating the majority of her shallow girl friends by, not used to the physical strength they give her, knocking drinks over them and - at least in their eyes – making a fool of herself.

“But one friend who did stick by her is her BFF Summer James,” Johnson continues; “Summer encouraged Ruby to uses her powers in the way that we, as comic fans, would expect, and to get to grips with her new identity. Ruby is now ready to be a super-hero, and she's out looking for crime. D-List super-villains Monsieur A and A-Juan – a.k.a. A Game – are her first targets... but from there, things are going to get a little... weird...

“Mr. Mash-Up is something quite different; the bastard love child of a demon and a goddess, Mash-Up (a.k.a. Arin Zahne) has a dark, twisted agenda, and when Ruby sets out to take him down, she's going to get hit where it really hurts,” Johnson concludes.

You can find out what that's going to mean for Ruby in Geek-Girl #3, written by Johnson, illustrated by Carlos Granda, and published by Markosia; Out Now and available in specially priced $2.99 Regular, $1.99 Digital, and Limited Variant editions at and

Praise for Geek-Girl:

"Amazingly good debut issue with a new character that totally fits into today’s younger generation of doing before thinking." -Steven Leitman, Reading With a Flight Ring.

“This book is every geek guy's fantasy come true!” -Mark L. Miller, Ain't It Cool News.

"A brilliant premise, an interesting character, and intriguing prospects for the future."
-Chris Orr, Dress Like The Hulk.

“Geek-Girl puts the human back in super-human.” -Wayne Hall, Major Spoilers.

"A charming debut, the dialogue displays a witty back and forth that would make Kevin Smith proud." -Kris Bather, Broken Frontier.