First Look: E.V.I.L. Heroes #5

The Fellowship has obtained a first look at E.V.I.L. Heroes #5 from Zenescope Entertainment. The issue, which hits stores February 8th, is written by Joe Brusha, drawn by Sean Hill, colored by Marco Lesko and lettered by Matt Krotzer.

With great power… comes great corruption.

The destruction that Chaos promised is well underway, and now even the world’s leaders bow down to the new gods. But there is still the will to fight the gods’ evil in the human spirit, which Chaos cannot abide.

In an ultimate show of power he destroys the moon, wreaking havoc on the Earth below. In the middle of the death and destruction caused by the new gods and their mutant army, Olympus is flooded with memories of the same horrors happening on planets across the galaxy and vows to stop them this time. Meanwhile, tensions rise as the Hellions are sent on their next mission to take down the goddess Kali. While they are away, Zyana strikes the base while it is undefended. The team rushes back from their mission, only to be caught in a trap sprung by Chaos, Atlas, and Anubis in their way. Can the Hellions defeat three gods at once?