Sneak Peeks: BOOM! Studios February 22, 2017

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks of comics from the publisher that will come out this week...

Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artists: Kelly & Nichole Matthews
Main Cover: Jae Lee and June Chung
Subscription Cover: Sana Takeda
Incentive Cover: David Petersen
Foil Incentive Cover: Jae Lee and June Chung 
  • In celebration of the 35th anniversary of Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal, return to the world of Thra in an official sequel to the beloved fantasy film.
  • Discover an all-new race of creatures called Firelings that live in a realm near the planet’s core, based on official character designs by Brian Froud.
  • Years have passed since the events of the original film, and though Jen and Kira have ruled Thra as King and Queen, bringing Gelfling back to the land, they have become distracted by power and can no longer feel or see the needs of the world the way they once did.
  • Thurma is a young Fireling tasked with stealing a shard of the Dark Crystal to restore power to her realm. Along the way she’ll befriend the young Gelfling Kensho, accidentally bring back the Skeksis and Mystics, and embark on one incredible adventure

Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Rian Sygh
Cover Artist: Veronica Fish

The Backstagers have been disbanded!

Writers: Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly
Artist: Marcus To
Cover Artist: Marcus To

One year later, Dewydd is walking his own path...and attempting to break into a maximum security prison?

Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Brianne Drouhard
Cover Artist: Brianne Drouhard

Max and Justine are prisoners of the Kingdom of Atlantis under suspicion of kidnapping their prince!

Writers: Jim Campbell, Kiernan Sjursen-Lien
Artists: Jim Campbell, Danielle Burgos, Cara McGee
Main Cover: Kiernan Sjursen-Lien
Subscription Cover: Cara McGee

After fleeing The Outsiders’ company, Wirt stumbles upon hungry buzzards who agree to give him information on Greg’s whereabouts in exchange for some “renovation” work on the place previously known as Pigeon Town.

SLAM! #4
Writer: Pamela Ribon
Artist: Veronica Fish
Main Cover: Veronica Fish
Incentive Cover: Audrey Mok

CanCan and Knockout are living separate lives after their friendship fizzles...until Knockout volunteers to ref a bout with CanCan’s team and appears to be calling extra penalties on her old friend.