SideKick Lab Launches CREEPING FLESH: Dan Brereton’s Monster Girls, Wax Pack Trading Cards on Kickstarter

Now on Kickstarter! Today at 12PM EST, SideKick Lab launched Creeping Flesh: Dan Brereton’s Monster Girls, a premium wax pack trading card set featuring 20 monstrous maidens painted by acclaimed illustrator Dan Brereton. The modest $1000 goal was smashed in under five minutes.

The team at SideKick Lab manufactured, fulfilled and managed Topps’ 2015 Mars Attacks: Occupation kickstarter campaign that raised nearly $200,000. In 2016 SideKick produced a series of trading cards for the Fox television show Outcast, for Robert Kirkman and Skybound.

“Some artists crave recognition, amassing accolades and honors, while others toil in obscurity," said Dan Brereton. "A very select few get their work printed on a sheet of waxed paper, wrapped around a pack of trading cards. I can think of few distinct honors more thrilling than having my work appear as a set of monster cards.”

The Kickstarter campaign will run through April 4th. The premium wax pack of 20 cards, including one sticker, will be strictly limited to 500 packs, and is available for a pledge of $20 (free shipping within the USA). The cards are printed on retro style cardboard chip stock, and the wax coated wrapper is hand folded and heat sealed. Other rewards include prints, autographs, and sketch cards.

For more information visit the kickstarter campaign here.