Sneak Peeks: IDW Publishing April 26, 2017

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks of comics from the publisher that will come out this week...

Night Owl Society #1 (of 3)
James Venhaus (w)
Pius Bak (a & c)

When David’s only friend at school is killed by the local mob boss, David and his misfit friends take matters into their own hands by sneaking out at night to fight crime and take down the mob without getting killed . . . or grounded.

24: Legacy—Rules of Engagement #1
Christopher Farnsworth (w)
Antonio Fuso (a)
Georges Jeanty (c)

The clock has been reset with 24: Legacy, and this limited series will explore the past of its new leading character, Eric Carter, who led the elite squad responsible for killing an infamous terrorist leader and, consequently, forced into hiding. But before he was a national hero and a wanted man, Carter learned the Rules of Engagement in the streets of Iraq and Washington, D.C. hoods.

Archangel #4
William Gibson (w)
Butch Guice (a)
Tula Lotay (c)

Time is running out. Corrupt, otherworldly political powers threaten to hijack our reality, and they have the nuclear capabilities needed to alter the course of our history forever. One lone pilot and those who dare to trust him are all that stand in the way of a radioactive future.

Comic Book History of Comics #6
Fred Van Lente (w) 
Ryan Dunlavey (a & c)

The inspiring, infuriating, and utterly insane story of comics, graphic novels, and manga continues in four-color glory! This issue, the award-winning Action Philosophers team of Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey FEED YOUR HEAD with POP and THE TEXAS MAFIA!

D4VEocracy #3
Ryan Ferrier (w)
Valentin Ramon (a & c)

Robotic civil war! Assassins! Anarchy! A nefarious tech-guru-turned-political-puppeteer comes closer to crushing D4VE, while the internet finally internets too hard, taking all of robot-kind with it.

Dirk Gently: The Salmon of Doubt #7
Arvind Ethan David (w) 
Ilias Kyriazis (a & c)

Sally begins to pierce the mysteries of the Black Wing, as we follow the exploits of not one, not two, but three Dirks! Featuring favorite characters from the original books as well as the cast from the TV series, including Samuel Barnett and Elijah Wood!

G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero #239
Larry Hama (w)
S L Gallant (a & c)

Cobra makes preparations for their next plot… one that even G.I. Joe may not be equipped to stop!

Jem: The Misfits #4
Kelly Thompson (w)
Jenn St. Onge (a)
M. Victoria Robado (c)

OUR SONGS ARE BETTER Part Four! The Misfits Reality Show is invading the band’s lives in ways that’s making them all miserable, but none more than Roxanne Pelligrini. Roxy has been living in fear that the world will learn she’s functionally illiterate…has that time finally come?

Judge Dredd: Blessed Earth #1
Ulises Fariñas & Erick Freitas (w)
Dan McDaid (a)
Ulises Fariñas (c)

It has been 10 years since the events of Mega-City Zero, and Judge Dredd continues his mission to restore order to a lawless land. The mystery of The Blessed Earth begins to unfold here!

Kill Shakespeare - Past is Prologue: Juliet #2
Conor McCreery (w)
Corin Howell (a & c)

Juliet’s quest for vengeance leads her to the most dangerous tavern in Verona. But the cut-throats that make up the Centaur’s clientele may be the least of her worries – as her mother’s murderer is watching her every move. Can Juliet find the ally she needs to stay alive amongst a den of vipers?

Micronauts: Wrath of Karza #1 (of 5)
Cullen Bunn & Jimmy Johnston (w)
Andrew Griffith (a)
Alex Ronald (c)

As one universe dies, another is invaded! Microspace — the home of the Micronauts — is collapsing. But Baron Karza has discovered a new universe in which the people of Microspace would thrive, a universe in which he would rule! The first world to be conquered is Earth, and the first enemies to be targeted are the TRANSFORMERS, G.I. JOE, M.A.S.K., and ROM!

Optimus Prime #6
John Barber (w)
Kei Zama (a & c)

“NEW CYBERTRON”—CONCLUSION! As the Junkions reveal their ultimate plan, Optimus Prime makes a decision that will define the relationship between Earth and Cybertron for all time... but will Arcee be able to live with the fallout?

Orphan Black: Deviations #2
Heli Kennedy (w) 
Wayne Nichols (a)
Cat Staggs (c)

In a world… where Sarah managed to save Beth from taking her own life! With this single twist of fate, the Clone Club comes together in a completely different manner and the mystery of Project LEDA unfolds in new, exiting ways! See all your favorite characters return in an all-new light!

Real Science Adventures #1
Brian Clevinger (w) 
Lo Baker (a)
Scott Wegener (c)

A group of Women Airforce Service Pilots banded together after World War II and became the daring “Flying She-Devils.” Food and fuel are in short supply, but the She-Devils have a plan: take it from Mad Jack, the pirate king of the Pacific. What could go wrong? Also a never-before-seen short featuring THE SPARROW!

Satellite Falling #4
Steve Horton (w)
Stephen Thompson (a & c)

After recovering from the shock of the police cruiser with the chief exploding, Lilly and her crew infiltrate the ship, each with a specific task to perform to reach Eva and bring the ship down. Lilly makes it to the bridge and confronts Eva, and learns about Eva's plan to infect everyone on Satellite to commit genocide on their home worlds. She tries to shoot Lilly, but Lilly's a hologram! Lilly knows about the plan already and is already working to stop it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #9
Sophie Campbell, Bobby Curnow & Brahm Revel (w)
Pablo Tunica, Brahm Revel (a)
Freddie Williams II (c)

"Toad Baron's Ball," Part 1! Alopex and Nobody are looking for a little rest and relaxation but get more than they ask for when they become the unwilling guests of a never-ending party thrown by the hedonistic Toad Baron!