The Fellowship has obtained a first look at DOCTOR WHO: GHOST STORIES #3 from Titan Comics. The issue, which hits stores June 7th, is written by George Mann with art by Dennis Calero. The covers are by Blair Shedd, Dan Bura, and Dennis Calero.

The Doctor is back in the lives of Grant, Lucy, and their daughter, Jennifer! He’s on a mission to find the other three alien gemstones, siblings of the one that gave Grant his superheroic powers – and only Grant can lead the way! Following the gems’ trail through time, the four ended up in a future New York City ruled by the fearsome entity known as THE SMOKE – and reclaimed one gem. They set off in the TARDIS and arrived at their next destination... a world where the Harmony Shoal has taken over! But Grant’s powers have ceased working – just as he and the Doctor are in the direst of straits!