Sneak Peeks: Dynamite Entertainment June 28, 2017

The Fellowship has obtained sneak peeks of comics from the publisher that will come out this week...

Blood Brothers #1
Writer: Fabian Rangel Jr.
Artist: Javier Caba
Cover: Javier Caba
Incentive covers: Javier Caba (“virgin art”)

Diego and Gabriel Soliz are two unusual brothers just trying to do their job in an even more unusual city. What's their job? They're detectives in a city populated by creatures from mythology and fantasy. When an Aztec skull is stolen from the museum, the BLOOD BROTHERS are assigned to the case!

Greatest Adventure #3
Writer: Bill Willingham
Artist: Cezar Razek
Covers: Cary Nord (a), Patrick Zircher (b), Roberto Castro (c)
Incentive cover: Cary Nord (“virgin” art), Patrick Zircher (B/W art), Roberto Castro (B/W art)

The race to capture the rare gemstone known as the “Eye of Judgment” continues – has brought both the crews of the noble Venture and the villainous Resolve to the Lost Land of Caspak! But as they press on into the interior of the island, they’ll have to deal with the dangers of the native prehistoric flora and fauna – that is to say, the DINOSAURS!

Writer: Amu Chu
Artist: Kewber Baal
Covers: Kyle Strahm (a), Charles Wilson III (b), Photo Variant (c)
Incentive cover: Kyle Strahm (B/W art), Charles Wilson III (“virgin art”), Photo (“virgin art”)

It’s Kaiju vs. the KISS Army in a metal death match orchestrated by the mysterious ship the Obayashi.  Will the last of humankind destroy themselves, or can the language of music save everyone?

Pathfinder: Runescars #2
Writer: James L. Sutter
Artist: Ediano Silva
Covers: Jonathan Lau (a), Pasquale Qualano (b), Geraldo Borges (c)
Incentive cover: Jonathan Lau (B/W art), Geraldo Borges (B/W art),Pasquale Qualano (“virgin art”)

The Pathfinder heroes take on the dreaded Hellknights! Having identified the serial killer stalking Korvosa’s streets, Seoni and her friends must undertake their most foolhardy quest yet—sneaking into a Hellknight fortress! Once inside, they’ll need to battle devils and infernal traps in order to search a wizard’s workshop for clues. But infiltrating the stronghold of a knightly order powerful enough to enslave devils will prove anything but simple... Battle and brimstone overflow in this sinister adventure from Pathfinder co-creator James L. Sutter, with art from Ediano Silva.

Project Superpowers: Hero Killers #2
Writer: Ryan Browne
Artist: Pete Woods
Covers: Pete Woods (a), Ryan Browne (b)
Incentive cover: Ryan Browne (B/W art), Pete Woods (B/W art), Ryan Browne (“virgin art”)

Oh man oh man oh man! Okay! Everybody cool out! We just need a second here and we will figure this out. Or not. I don’t know. Tim and the gang messed up pretty big and I’m not sure how they are going to handle it. And not just them. How are the superheroes gonna deal with this? Captain Battle doesn’t seem too easygoing…not with a name like CAPTAIN BATTLE!

Let’s just think about this logically. Maybe Sparky, Captain Battle Jr., and Tim can turn this monumental screw-up to their advantage. I mean, they have a lot of inside information and maybe a town without crime isn’t so great after all…

Wonder Woman ’66 Meets Bionic Woman #5
Writer: Andy Mangels
Artist: Judit Tondora
Covers: Cat Staggs (a) Phil Jimenez (b)
Incentive covers: Cat Staggs (“virgin art”) Phil Jimenez (B/W art)

Bullets & Bracelets & Bionics! If it’s always darkest before the dawn, Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman — along with some familiar faces — had better pray that the dawn comes soon. Because from where the story continues, things look awfully dire. The evil cabal of villains have sprung their trap, and have staged a monumental assault, and one major character is already badly hurt. Our heroines will soon find that nothing is unbreakable!

The best-selling team-up fans demanded is written by best-selling author ANDY MANGELS (Star Trek & Star Wars) and illustrated by JUDIT TONDORA (Grimm Fairy Tales).